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How it all started

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The Foodshare project is simple and easy to use a cross-platform mobile platform. The app allows users to post about food that could potentially go to waste and facilitates other users to pick it up for free. The scope of this extends to expired food from local shops, even excess vegetables or baked goods from the local shops.

Non-food items can also be posted on Foodshare and an option has been added to post items that can be borrowed – it could be a book, a drill or something useful for you. To make a post about a product you want to share, just open the app, add a picture, a description, when and where the product will be available for pick-up!

Likewise, if you’re looking for something you want, you can post it in the Wanted tab; even looking for housing classifieds is welcome. To organise to view a listing you like, all you have to do is look at the available list next to you, select then make a request and appointment via private messaging, and bingo, it’s that simple to help someone.

Our Team

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Tarlan Isaev

Founder / CEO

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Daniel Pitman

Regional Coordinator​

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Telman Isaev


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Pavel Maslov


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