Food Waste not in Good Taste

Foodshare - Aims to reduce food waste and world hunger | Product Hunt

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Our Mission

We decided to set up this foodsharing service so that people can share food or foodstuffs that have not gone bad and are fit for future use. It also allows you to post things that you may not need at some point, but others would be happy to pick them up and find a use for them.

Reviews about Us


The project aims to address an urgent problem. Its implementation will allow a more rational use of the resources available to mankind. The guys are motivated, eager and believe in the project, which will help realise the goals of the Foodshare project. I sincerely hope that the project will develop further and get a large coverage.

Egine Aghajanian, Astana, Kazakhstan


Personally, I am very happy to contribute to this project by sharing food with those who really need it.

Anton Garankin, Moscow, Russia


Great idea! lowering food waste is especially needed here in U.S. too.

Bree Daddy, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US